Studio / Community Manager

The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about fostering and facilitating community, and who is comfortable working with lots of different kinds of people and varied set of projects. Basically, you're a well rounded human.

Candidate is also a nearly full-time working freelancer who very much wants to work in an awesome coworking space, but can’t justify the cost of a dedicated desk space. This is where we can help each other! In exchange for an average of 5 or so hours a week of Studio management tasks, you get your own desk in our fantastic coworking studio.



Dedicated desk space and parking pass, $560 value


  • In-studio most days on a somewhat consistent hourly schedule (can be 9a or 10a, whatever you want).

    • Days you’re not here are at your discretion, as long as everything is getting done. This should be a position you're super into and want to own.

  • Self starter; will see gaps in the system and ways things can be even better, offer solutions or at least open the discussion

  • So comfortable with all types of people and conversation and relationships. This is an open, collaborative, and all inclusively welcoming environment


Expected tasks throughout the week:

  • Check and distribute mail

  • Light housekeeping (start or end of day)

    • keep trashes empty

    • dishes kept up

    • waters full

    • floors swept

    • desks wiped down

    • general tidiness


Expected tasks throughout the month:

  • Miscellaneous errands and projects for studio maintenance, organization, and optimum use

  • Keep fridge cleaned out periodically

  • Keep an eye on coffee & water levels, keep them stocked

  • Creep DTSA spots with Friday open-studio invitations

    • Manage Friday studio days, invite others

  • Reply to new member inquiries & conference room rentals via email

  • Handle new member tour/interviews and onboarding

  • Pickup parking passes at beginning of month

  • Drum up more conference room rentals?

  • Member birthdays / other appropriate celebrations


Ideal but not necessarily required:

  • Developing and posting social media content

    • Including IG Stories

      • (Can be DTSA vibes, not just inside the studio)

    • Member features

    • Member project highlights

    • Our fave spots to visit in DTSA



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